Thirty Sayings of the Wise in Proverbs

I love the practical wisdom found in Proverbs 22-24! When reading through these find that Gods wisdom is evident and we are expected to lead a disciplined life of intentionality.

  1. Pay attention and learn from the wise. Proverbs 22:17-21
  2. Treat the poor and needy mercifully and not in an exploitive way. 22:22-23
  3. Avoid people that are easily angered, that have a short fuse. 22:24-25
  4. Stay out of debt. 22:26-27
  5. Respect the agreements and laws to which you are subjected. 22:28
  6. Strive to be skilled in your work 22:29
  7. Be content, don’t be greedy or envious. Proverbs 23:1-3
  8. Don’t become ensnared by the deceitfulness of wealth. 23:4-5
  9. Avoid entering into any relationship with those lacking sincerity. 23:6-8
  10. Don’t invest time and energy trying to change those not wanting change. 23:9
  11. Avoid needless and petty conflicts with others. 23:10-11
  12. Cultivate good habits. Avoid bad habits. 23:v12
  13. Raise children in the way they should go. A little discipline during childhood can prevent greater problems later in life. 23:13-14
  14. Guard your tongue. Only speak words that are wholesome and beneficial to others 23:15-16
  15. Seek the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind. Develop a relationship with God. 23:17-19
  16. Don’t be taken captive by the deceptive and hollow philosophies of the world. When pressured or prosecuted, stay strong and continue to do good. v.23:20-21
  17. Mentors will come into your life. Accept their wisdom and truth when it is offered. 23:22-25
  18. Build strength through discipline. Those things pulling us away from our good habits or into bad habits are often deceptively small and seemingly innocent. I may say “this isn’t so bad” or “I’m entitled” etc.. Stay aware and reject them. Embrace discipline. 23:26-28
  19. There are some things we do not have the power to control.  Rely on the Holy Spirit for that power. Have the faith to let God fight these battles for you. The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent. v.29-34
  20. Following the charismatic and persuasive can lead to ruin.   Recognize and avoid people that lead to trouble. Proverbs 24 v.1-2
  21. Recognize that good habits take time to establish and that bad habits take time to break.  Results are not readily apparent but can have great impact on your life and who you are. Stick with it and reap the value. v.3-4
  22. There is strength and power in knowledge.  Rely on knowledge and seek advice – especially before going to war. v.5-6
  23. Don’t let the foolish speak for you. v.7
  24. Be sincere in your dealings with others. v.8-9
  25. When times of trouble come, it will be difficult but don’t falter – use the strength and maturity you have developed and this will help others to become strong as well. v.10-12
  26. Seek true wisdom and when you find it embrace it. v.13-14
  27. When you fail or fall don’t stay down and don’t give up.  Be honest, get back up and continue. v.15-16
  28. When your enemy fails of falls don’t gloat and be glad. v.17-18
  29. Think and plan for the long-term, not the short-term. v.19-20
  30. Respect those in power or in positions over you. v.21-22

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